Improved take on surveillance Leap forward into new security standards with TotalSec's addition of high-end smartphones, laptops and routers. Omit any chance of malicious tresspassing of your privacy and security with improved security solutions of TotalSec. read more
Endorsing the modern path TotalSec offers a variety of services and tools for you to be fully prepared and able to counteract against hostile digital attacks. Everything ranging from TotalSec's products to networking and services is fully protected with high end security solutions to prevent any possibility of malicious acts against your privacy and data safety. read more
SECURE DEVICES TotalSec is made only for legitimate devices that weren’t counterfeited or altered in any way or form and complies with our strict terms of service and security standards.
SECURE NETWORK TotalSec provides a secure global network servers that offers a supreme connection and can be reached from anywhere and anytime ensuring full access and support.
SECURE MESSAGES Secure your private messaging sessions with TotalSec high-end encryption. Complete security against harmful external threats for your messaging experience.
totalsec encryption
totalsec phone TotalSec Phone provides top-quality security and complete privacy in your day to day communication and for your data storage. High-end privacy and safety enhanced with TotalSec security solutions which consists of – end-to-end encryption, full anonymity and digital intrudion control and prevention.
totalsec encryption
totalsec laptops TotalSec Laptops provided with prominent “Macbook” hardware which will ensure smooth and stable performance. Enhanced with triple layer protection and able to support all three operating systems – Mac OS, Windows and Linux. TotalSec Laptops are one of the safest and efficient laptops you can get right now!
encrypted calls
encrypted sim The Encrypted SIM card is created to support you with full control of your privacy. With the help of IMEI/IMSI data and location encryption, auto generated safe mobile number, voice substitution and additional features Encrypted SIM is one of the most reliable communication tools in the market.
what clients say Need something more than just our word? Take a look at what our clients have to say about quality of our products and services.
It fits our needs perfectly. TotalSec phone was the best investment I ever made. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product. I was amazed at the quality of TotalSec.
customer from mexico
You guys rock! Dude, your stuff is the bomb! Encrypted Macbook did exactly what you said it does. I love your system keep up the excellent work.
customer from spain
Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! We've seen amazing results already. Encrypted SIM is worth much more than I paid.
customer from denmark
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