WHAT IS ENCRYPTION Encryption is the process of distorting information into an unrecognizable and unreadable state where it could only be recognized and read with a key that can decrypt it. This process guarantees that only you can read and access your files. Encryption allows you not only secure safety of your own data, but also it can be used to secure your day to day communications by encrypting your messages and files you are sending out. Files and messages you send will be encrypted, the same way as your data stored on your device, but this time the recipient will have a form of a key to decrypt the message using if the recipient is using TotalSec’s device or services. LEARN MORE
why use encryption
ENCRYPTION FEATURES TotalSec will boost your security with these modern, surveillance defining encryption features.
USER-OWNED KEYS User owned Key is a crucial part of encryption process and is only generated on the user’s device. A Key is stored only there making the user owner of the key.
no backdoors All the possible ways to compromise your device’s safety is eliminated by the removal of backdoor. There is no way for us to access your device - no way to find a possible breach.
IMPOSSIBLE EXTRACTION By making open source protocol to be constantly upgraded by a dedicated team we erased any possibility of device’s data being extracted. Your data will be secure at all times.
ZERO ACCESS TO DATA All data on the user’s side is encrypted and can only be accessed with the key that only user possesses. In addition, no data ever reaches our servers without being encrypted.
HOW WORKS ENCRYPTION Dive deep into the world of Encryption.

Encryption method uses algorithms to scramble your information into unreadable data noise. Then it is transmitted (or stored within the device) to the receiver, who can decrypt the message contained within the data noise with a key. Different types of algorithms provide different ways of encrypting and decrypting your information.

ENCRYPTION SPECIFICATION You might need encryption more than you think.

Purpose of encryption is to create a safe environment for your stored data and communications. Encrypted data and messages are impossible to decrypt without a key, therefore making the information and data completely useless to the ones who might try to steal it. Encryption method is safe and secure way to handle data and message transitions as well as data storage.

WHO USE ENCRYPTION Encryption is a crucial part of your data safety.

Data and message encryption is becoming a standard in today’s world. Every serious business and self-aware person is taking the next step into improved privacy and security for them and their clients and users. Governments, military, various bankers and corporations use encryption, as well as search engines - Google, all the big social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are taking the next step to create a safer space.