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TotalSec offers a variety of services and tools for you to be fully prepared and able to counteract against hostile digital attacks. Everything ranging from TotalSec's products to networking and services is fully protected with high end security solutions to prevent any possibility of malicious acts against your privacy and data safety.

Secure Messages
Secure your private messaging sessions with TotalSec high-end encryption. Complete security against harmful external threats for your messaging experience.
Secure Devices
TotalSec is made only for legitimate devices that weren’t counterfeited or altered in any way or form and complies with our strict terms of service and security standards.
Secure Network
TotalSec provides a secure global network servers that offers a supreme connection and can be reached from anywhere and anytime ensuring full access and support.
TotalSec phones provides top-quality security and complete privacy in your day to day communication and for your data storage.
Google Pixel 5a  (powered by TotalSec)
Google Pixel 5  (powered by TotalSec)
Google Pixel 4a  (powered by TotalSec)
Google Pixel 4  (powered by TotalSec)
Stay safe everywhere

Introducing TotalSec phone - one of the latest addition to world of secure smartphones. Alongside with smooth design, high quality camera and solid hardware TotalSec smartphone is packed with security enhancement features such as TotalSec OS, Data encryption, stealth mode, voip calls, anonymous eSIM, messaging full featured group chat and many more.

TotalSec phone is best of what secure smartphone market has to offer to this day, and many years forward.

We currently offer Google phones such as: Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 7 and older models, also we support OnePlus 6, 6T, 7.

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Wherever you might be, stay protected and free of external harm and worries with TotalSec’s encryption.

License renewal process for TotalSec encryption phones ensures that users can continue to enjoy secure communication and data protection. To renew the license for your TotalSec phone you will need to contact us below. It is important to renew your TotalSec license before it expires to avoid any interruptions in the device's encryption capabilities.

TotalSec renewal license plans
3 months
6 months
1 year
TotalSec will boost your security with these modern, surveillance defining encryption features.
User-Owned Keys

User owned Key is a crucial part of encryption process and is only generated on the user’s device. A Key is stored only there making the user owner of the key.

No Backdoors

All the possible ways to compromise your device’s safety is eliminated by the removal of backdoor. There is no way for us to access your device - no way to find a possible breach.

Impossible Extraction

By making open source protocol to be constantly upgraded by a dedicated team we erased any possibility of device’s data being extracted. Your data will be secure at all times.

Zero Access to Data

All data on the user’s side is encrypted and can only be accessed with the key that only user possesses. In addition, no data ever reaches our servers without being encrypted.

Anonymous eSIM

We have included anonymous eSIM and allowing to use our devices without providing personal information. This allows for greater privacy and security when using mobile devices.

Security of Hardware Elements

Due to greater device security we removed such hardware functions as: GPS, Bluetooth, Fingerprint. USB connection and Recovery mode not possible.

High quality service to meet your expectations.
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Fast and secure worldwide shipping and delivery service to get your order to you as fast as possible.
Highest level of security made possible with modern, innovative security solutions to protect your data.
Full proof anonymity for your data as well as for your personal information. No information expose ever.
Full 24/7 customer support to answer any question regarding product and service and solve any problem.
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